Big Serve

2|42 Students, we have a Big Serve opportunity for you! We’re partnering with Angels Wear Gowns to make certified protective gowns for the people who need them the most during the Covid-19 crisis. Students, you’ll get a box with supplies to make 24 gowns in 2 hours. Let’s make thousands of gowns together by May 30. 

Since April 1st, Angels Wear Gowns have delivered over 10,000 hospital approved isolation gowns to 70+ facilities in southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit, such as Henry Ford Hospitals, Beaumont, St. Joseph’s Mercy, Ascension, police and fire departments, EMS, county jails, nursing homes, etc. With our help, they’ll deliver thousands more around the country.

Once you sign up for your box you will get a confirmation email from us. Then your campus student pastor will be in touch and let you know how to get your box and where to return it. This will be a no-contact location, once you are done making your gowns. We will start distributing the boxes May 15th and close the Big Serve May 30th.

We want to see your serve! Take a picture of the gown making process. Post them on social media with these hashtags: #AngelsWearGowns and #TheBigServe