Global Leadership Summit | Aug 6 & 7

On August 6th and 7th, The Global Leadership Summit will be simulcast live in HD! This year, we’re hosting GLS exclusively online.

The Global Leadership Summit is your two-day infusion of  fresh  ideas,  actionable  concepts,  leadership  principles  and heartfelt  inspiration—accessed either in-person where available or online, right where you are. 

The belief—leadership matters—is even more evident today. This is why the Global Leadership Network is focusing our efforts on delivering our best Global Leadership Summit event this August!

We’ve convened a unique group of 15+ world-class faculty who will share their distinct perspectives, inspiring and equipping you with practical skills you can apply right away. 

Topics that will be covered this year:  

-Breaking free from the lies we believe about work 
-Becoming more agile and inventive 
-Identifying five permissions to multiply your time 
-Overcoming fear and problematic power dynamics in teams 
-Leveraging science-based research to increase connection opportunities 
-Leading through crisis and ever–changing new realities 

To register, click the button below and provide your ZIP code when prompted. You will then be given a list of host locations near you. Choose your 2|42 campus, and continue with your registration.



August 6 + 7
All campuses are open for in-person limited services and online.
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