Kids & Students: Financial First Steps Group

Money concerns affect people at every single stage of life. It impacts their personal finances and their generosity.
Join us for these workshops that help participants and their families develop healthy financial habits.

April 5th – Parents, Kids and Money Matters:
Gain a better understanding of the lessons you want your kids to learn about money, with practical tools that make it fun. Kids ages 6 to 10 will learn about the three basic money choices: sharing, saving, and spending.

April 12th – Money Matters: Middle School
Geared towards kids ages 11 to 14, this interactive discussion helps preteen and their parents understand what influences their money choices and get started building smart money habits.

April 19th – Money Matters: High School
This workshop provides a framework for thinking about the future and how to prepare for financial responsibilities beyond high school. Teens ages 15 to 18 will encounter real-world money scenarios through games and activities, and gain a better understanding of how to make smart money decisions.


Ann Arbor

Wednesday | April 5 | 6:30pm

Ann Arbor

Wednesday | April 12 | 6:30pm

Ann Arbor

Wednesday | April 19 | 6:30pm