Men’s Gathering | No Regrets | Feb 4

Each day presents circumstances that cause us to lose our hope and courage. As traditional institutions fail to grant security, where can we turn? David the Psalmist stated long ago: “He alone is our rock, our salvation and our fortress”. Jesus is the solid ground. Knowing Him is the answer to life’s greatest challenges. Together we will explore exactly how to build your life on the solid foundation of God and His Word. There will be group worship, compelling messages from leading pastors and teachers, testimonies of how other men have done it and seminars on the topics of most interest to you. Take advantage of this day to avoid the distractions of life and renew your dependence on Christ, the solid rock on which we stand.

Here at 2|42 we choose to experience this transformational event in a space that is even more welcoming to our family, friends, colleagues, small group members and neighbors. We use our homes and offices to create this atmosphere. As a host, you invite people within your networks, and we coach you on setup and how to facilitate the conversation among the men in your group.

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Join thousands of men from across the world in this one-day live streamed event ‘No Regrets’ (


Ann Arbor

Saturday | Feb 4