Summer of Serving

Showing God’s love in practical ways has always been part of the mission of 2|42. This summer we’ll be heading out into our neighborhoods to do anything from cleaning toilets, to clearing yards, to painting.

This year, instead of just one day of serving, we’ll be serving together throughout the season. There will be three Big Serves, and many other opportunities in between.

For each of the Big Serves, we’ll group up at the campuses. From there, you’ll head out with a smaller group and a specific project.

big serve dates

July 17
Aug 7
9am – noon

summer serve challenge

june 14 | gather some friends + help a neighbor with yard work

june 21 | invite neighborhood families over to make thank you cards for healthcare professionals

june 28 | partner with some friends to make appreciation baskets for nursing home staff

july 5 | bring some friends + clean up litter after the 4th of July.

july 12 | bake cookies for a neighbor you’ve never met

july 26 | write thank you cards to First Responders

aug 2 | get crafty by making tie blankets for a local animal shelter


Ann Arbor

July 17 | 9am - noon


July 17 | 9am - noon


July 17 | 9am - noon


July 17 | 9am - noon


July 17 | 9am - noon


July 17 | 9am - noon


July 17 | 9am - noon


Add the July 17 Big Serve event to your calendar:

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