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Posted On 12/20/2013

Are You Picking Sides?

philThe recent comments by Phil Robertson from A&E’s Duck Dynasty were inevitable. This is a controversy that is burning just beneath the surface of everyones skin. There are more than two sides to this thing and everyone wants a voice.  People are emotional and ready to take their anger, hurt and confusion out on somebody. In these volatile times, it’s critical that the church not lose their heads.

Don’t get confused about who the enemy is.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood.”  Ephesians 6:12

There it is, plain and simple. Our struggle is not against people.

  • A&E is not our enemy.
  • The LGBT community is not our enemy.
  • Liberals are not the enemy.
  • Conservatives aren’t the enemy.

In fact, quite the opposite. These people are our mission. These are the people for whom Jesus died on a cross. The reason they respond the way they do is because they don’t know. They don’t believe in Jesus, so why would you hold them to following the Bible? Why would you get angry with people who don’t hold to a standard that requires belief?

What you can do without making them the enemy

Explain the grace and truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. No morals or religious obedience can save anyone apart from the belief in this Gospel. Model the humility and grace Christ displayed by his death. Don’t win arguments, start conversations.


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