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Prayer is Powerful

It’s hard to get an audience with powerful people on Earth, and yet we can talk to the Creator of the Universe. But where do we even start? Luckily, Jesus gave us an example. In this series, we’ll explore how to have a two-way conversation with God.

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The Lord’s Prayer | Kevin DeYoung

On Earth as It Is in Heaven | How the Lord’s Prayer Teaches Us to Pray More Effectively | Warren Wiersbe

Praying Like Monks | Living Like Fools | Tyler Staton

Prayer | Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God | Timothy Keller

Hearing God | Developing a Conversational Relationship with God | Dallas Willard

What If Jesus Was Serious About Prayer? | Skye Jethani

Prayer in the Night | For Those Who Work or Watch or Weep | Tish Harrison Warren

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Practicing the Way | The Prayer Practice
Prayer is simply the medium through which we communicate and commune with God. The practice of prayer is learning to set aside dedicated time to intentionally be with God, in order to become like him and partner with him in the world.

Adoration with Tim Mackie | Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools Podcast
When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he began with adoration—hallowing the name of the Father. So why must our prayers begin with praise? What did Jesus mean in the opening line of the Lord’s Prayer that might be lost in translation through the centuries? In the end, might adoration be more for my benefit than God’s?

Lori Schumaker | What is the ACTS Prayer Model and How Can It Help Me Pray?
Prayer models help us reach our prayer goals. They make us consistent, give us confidence, and instill boldness. They serve as a checklist approach to praying so we don’t forget the things we want to bring to God or run down rabbit trails we never wanted to travel.

Becoming Something Podcast | Why Don’t You Pray? | Jonathan Pokluda | Addison Bevere
Many of us struggle to have an active and thriving prayer life. This week we talk with Addison Bevere about why we should love to pray! You can check out his book “Words with God”

The Gospel Coalition: The Lord’s Prayer is Meant to Be Lived
Jesus’ disciples asked a lot of bad questions during their time with him. For example: “Lord, do you want us to tell fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” (Luke 9:54). But they occasionally got it right. “Teach us to pray,” they asked (Luke 11:1). Our Lord must have beamed with joy at the opportunity to teach his beloved friends how to enjoy fellowship with the Father.

Lysa Terkeurst: Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?
Have you ever come across an idea or teaching you needed to sit with and process before you could move forward? Yes, me too. Today I’d like to tell you about a recent episode of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast that delivers ideas and a teaching that will do just that. It’s based on a question I’ve had in my own life. 

The Bible Project: The Lord’s Prayer
In this episode, we cover the Lord’s Prayer and what it means for followers of Jesus. Specifically, we talk about the meaning and significance of one of the most important things that Jesus ever said to his followers. Jesus passed along his prayer and taught us how to pray, which he addressed in his Sermon on the Mount.

Faith Radio: Susie Larson | How to Enjoy Prayer
How would you describe your prayer life? A drudgery? A duty? A delight? Too often, we view prayer as a task on our list rather than an invitation to experience God. 

Wild At Heart: Attention to Prayer
Prayer is the greatest secret weapon God has given his people. But many dear folks have lost heart over prayer; they haven’t found the breakthrough they were hoping for and they’ve given up on it. I understand; I have my own mixed story when it comes to prayer. I think much of the heartache and confusion can be cleared away with a better understanding of what prayer actually is and how it works … 

Wild At Heart: Prayers We Pray
A number of prayers we have developed for special situations – whether for inner healing or deliverance, breaking curses, or simply to get a good night’s sleep!

The Daily Grace Company: How to Be Faithful in Prayer
Quiet, defined time in prayer not only gives us a chance to lay our requests before the Lord and thank Him for all He has done, but it is also a time we can worship Him and hear back from Him as He works in us, shaping the desires of our hearts, even as we pray.

The Daily Grace Company: How to Establish Rhythms of Prayer
If I were to ask you to describe your prayer life, what would you say? Prayer seems to be an area where not many of us have it quite “figured out.” We all go through seasons where we feel connected to the Lord, and other times, we are distracted and inconsistent. Today, you might be trying to figure out how to find unhindered time to be with the Lord in prayer. While extended time in prayer is incredibly important, it is not the only way to incorporate prayer into your day.

The Daily Grace Company: Prayer: Where Do I Start?
Prayer. What emotion does this word evoke? For some, the spiritual discipline of prayer brings peace, comfort, and joy. For others, prayer causes uncertainty and confusion as we do not fully understand how to practice this spiritual discipline. Wherever we may fall on that spectrum, through Scripture, we know that prayer is a vital part of a Christian’s spiritual life. But how do we go about cultivating a life of prayer? Are there right and wrong words? Right and wrong places to pray? Thankfully, the Bible gives us great insight into the practice of prayer. And like any good student, we start with the basics and grow from there.

The Daily Grace Company: How to Deepen Your Prayer Life
“Praying for you!” It’s a text that you’ve likely sent to a friend … sometimes a little too quickly. We’ve all likely been there. A friend lets you know of a hardship they are experiencing and almost in a reflex, you promise prayers that sometimes you fail to deliver. The intention is there—you want to be a prayerful friend. But in the hustle and bustle of life, you simply forget or maybe you’re not exactly sure of the words to pray. But we can do better. 

Got Questions.Org: Why is Praying for Others Important?
Praying for others—and this applies to prayer in general—is an easy thing to question. Why should we pray if God already has our best interests at heart? He is wiser than we are, by a long shot. Why does He need us to pray? Wouldn’t it be better to just trust Him to do what’s best? It’s true that God is wiser than we are (1 Corinthians 1:25) and that we should trust Him (Proverbs 3:5–6). And it’s for those very reasons that we need to pray because praying for ourselves and praying for others is something God commands us to do.

Made For This with Jennie Allen: Why Do We STruggle to Pray?
If prayer is the greatest tool we have to connect with God, to fight sin, and see miracles in the lives of others, why is it so hard to do? Listen as Jennie shares the reasons we struggle, how to overcome those struggles, and what has changed her own prayer life over the last year.


YouVersion: Prayer: A 14-Day Devotional by Tim Keller
Pastor Timothy Keller explores the power of prayer, and how readers can make prayers more personal and powerful, forging a deeper connection with God.

The Daily Grace Company: Pray | Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer
Prayer is hard. Harder than it seems it should be. We are busy, distracted, and unsure if our time spent in prayer is actually amounting to anything. We want to have a vibrant, passionate prayer life, but instead we may have one that is cold and apathetic. What is the cure for this? It is a true, biblical understanding of prayer. *Join our Brighton campus women starting September 27 to do this study in person with other women.

Lifeway Women: Marked | When You Pray | 7 Session Study
Do you have trouble thinking of words to say to God when you pray? Are you afraid some emotions are too intense to express to God? Do you reach the end of a day only to realize you haven’t prayed at all? You’re not alone. Prayer is the way we relate to God, but sometimes it’s a struggle. Throughout God’s Word, we encounter many voices who teach us how to pray. Bonus: Podcasts for this study 1. When You Pray | Jackie Hill Perry and Jen Wilkin. 2. When You Pray | Jada Edwards And Kristi McClelland. 3. When You Pray | Guided Prayer

You Version: Your Daily Prayer App
Want to talk with God, but don’t know what to say? Guided Prayer can help you learn how to pray, leading you step by step through a prayer experience modeled after the Lord’s Prayer.

For Kids
Crossroad Kids: Jesus and Prayer God’s Story
LifeKids | Bible Stories: Jesus Prayed
Douglas Talks: The Lord’s Prayer | Explaining the Lord’s Prayer for Kids