Get ready people! A once in a lifetime event is happening on Monday, April 8th 2024 and you should plan ahead. This event is so rare that the next total solar eclipse in the United States won’t happen until August of 2045 and this will be the last one even near Michigan in your lifetime. Most of Southeast Michigan will have a great view of this event, but to truly experience it you should plan on doing the following:

  1. Get to Totality: You need to be in the totality zone and to do that you need to drive into Ohio. The convergence of the moon to have full coverage of the sun and experience things like a 360-degree sunset, sudden drops in temperature, or “shadow snakes” only happens in the totality zone. You will never have a better moment in your lifetime to experience this if you reside in Michigan. Below is a map that shows the totality zones and length of totality in Ohio. The closer to the center you are, the more time in totality you will experience. Our family is planning on finding a spot East of Sandusky Ohio just off I-80 to get the longest duration of totality we can, but you can simply go to Perrysburg Ohio and get two minutes of totality and have a super cool experience. Either way, take the day off work (it starts at 3:14p), pull the kids out of school and make the drive.
  2.  Plan on traffic: When we went to the Eclipse in August of 2017, getting to Nashville was no big deal as we showed up early to the park we set-up at. But, when the Eclipse ended, everyone crowded the highways, restaurants, side roads…it was like Woodstock just ended and everyone was trying to leave for home at the same time. My advice after that experience, pack food and water, bring some games and maybe even hang out afterwards to let traffic die down. Either way, plan on it taking at least twice as long to get home as it did to get there. Also, be flexible with the weather and be willing to change your location based on cloud coverage.

    3. Get Eclipse Glasses now: Don’t wait, don’t even finish this post until you have bought your glasses for your crew. On April 8th they will be very hard to
find (or marked in price) and you can’t experience it well without them. You can buy them on Amazon now for dirt cheap. For the kids, we discovered that
bringing paper plates and cutting some holes in them for the glasses helped them look at the eclipse without any residual sun coming in through the sides.
Plus it’s super stylish 😎!

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About the Author: Eric Rauch
Eric grew up near the Monroe Campus of 2|42 near the Ohio-Michigan border. He attended Eastern Michigan University and spent 10 years as a Civil Engineer managing construction and development projects. In 2009, he went on a mission trip with several other 2|42’ers and shortly thereafter he and his wife Stacy started getting plugged into the ministries at 2|42. After spending a couple years volunteering in kids ministries, Eric took on a part-time role as the Elementary kids director at the Ann Arbor campus and then in 2012 came on the staff team full-time. He currently oversees Ministry Operations for the church. Eric and Stacy have two kids, Skyler and Emery, who they love spending time and seeing God’s creation with. They have a family goal of traveling to all 50 states together before their oldest graduates high school.

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