You have probably heard that it takes 21 days to create a habit. That is not long at all when you really think about it. Too bad that is fake news! That number was from a writing in the 1960s by a plastic surgeon that was not based on any real psychology. The truth is, creating a habit takes a different amount of time for everyone.


For some of us, we are creating a brand new habit of Bible reading. It has been one week so far, and you may have found yourself scrambling to get your daily reading in one day or found yourself reading two days at a time because you forgot along the way. Allow me to tell you what you need to hear.  You are not a failure. 


You are doing your best at creating a new habit and this habit will be worth it. 


Keep persevering and know that the grace of God is with you along the way. I think this is what has stood out to me the most over this first week of reading.  God is a God of grace from the beginning.  Consider, for a moment, how He provides for His creation.  Before He ever created life, He was creating the days and the nights as well as the land on which we would live and find our food. In fact, He created a garden in which Adam and Eve would live before He even created them. God is a providing God full of grace and love for you


Maybe the neatest part is how He cared for Adam and Eve after they sinned.  Do you remember the first thing He did after speaking the consequences? He made clothes for them. He provided for them. In their sinfulness and in their brokenness, God provided for Adam and Eve.


Sometimes I think I forget this. I judge myself so harshly at times, I forget that God has much more grace for me than I ever deserve. I forget, at times, that the way I see myself and my failures is not always how God sees me. 


He is a God who loves His people and graciously provides for them.


I doubt it is by accident that this is how God is portrayed in the earliest pages of Scripture. It is absolutely by design. As we march through the next 51 weeks of Scripture reading, we are meant to do this with this foundation; God is a gracious and loving creator. We will see this pop up time after time as we read the Bible this year. In fact, it just may be a central theme of it all. If you don’t know that already…I guess we are about to see.


I am proud of you for taking this journey and I know that God is going to do amazing things in your life as you grow closer to Him as you read the Bible with me.


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About the Author: Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson is the lead pastor of 2|42 Community Church where he is helping people take next steps with God. Prior to his time at 2|42, Tony served for 15 years in various capacities within the Methodist denomination. He has degrees in broadcasting and marketing from Vincennes University and Ball State University, and he’s also a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. Tony is passionate about helping people discover and embrace their God-given purpose and potential. In his spare time, you can find Tony cheering on the Miami Dolphins or camping and fishing with his family.

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