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Leaders are different.

With all the confusion and frustration that demands our attention each day, have you ever just wanted something completely different? Good news! The kingdom of heaven is not of this world, which means people who follow Jesus are foreigners here. We are called to think differently, approach life differently. We are called to be unique, even a little…weird.

The truth is – we are called to be holy. But how are you supposed to be holy in the midst of a culture that isn’t?

Podcasts / Blog Articles

The Daily Grace Company Blog Post: Forming Holy Habits
Even if we have a desire to be like Jesus, we still have a sinful flesh that desires other things.

Parent Cue Blog Post: Conversations Every Parent is Scared Of
Our kids are growing faster by the day, and that’s a wonderful thing. Let’s equip them for adulthood by talking about what really matters – even if it scares us.

Parent Cue Conversation Guide: Sexual Integrity for All Phases
We don’t feel equipped or comfortable leading the conversation about sex because, well, it’s sex we’re talking about, and with our kids.