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The “Secret” to Contentment is Knowing Christ

In a culture that’s always reaching for more and better, it’s easy to feel restless and dissatisfied. Yet the Bible tells us there is a simple secret to practicing contentment. In this series, we’ll explore how trusting God leads to greater satisfaction in every area of life.

Helpful Resources


Daily Grace Company |  Finding Contentment in a Discontented World
I used to think that contentment was something you achieved when you finally acquired all the things you longed for.

The Gospel Coalition | How to Find Real Contentment in Christ Alone
When there’s discontentment in our lives, there are two avenues we typically take to deal with it: take it to the Lord or avoid it with busyness or another handy escape.

John Bevere | When Your Plan Isn’t God’s Plan
My plan for my life started to go awry toward the end of my time in college. Up until that point, I had set out to finish my engineering degree at Purdue, pursue an MBA at Harvard, and move up into high-level management in corporate America. I would marry a pretty girl and take several vacations a year and give a tenth of all I made to God. That was my idea of serving Him. That’s when God threw a wrench in my plan. The more I sought Him, the more I felt drawn to ministry. Initially, I didn’t like the sound of that, but I was smart enough to know that in obeying God I would find fulfillment and satisfaction.

The Gospel Coalition | Looking for Contentment? It’s Not What You Think
Sometimes I create in my mind a misguided picture of contentment. I imagine a fairly carefree disposition of someone who has her life in balance. She’s not overworked or bothered by much. She knows just the right thing to say, and her relationships are full of encouragement, mutual respect, and long conversations at cozy coffee shops. When tough times come, she’s tougher—always able to handle difficulties with a gracious spirit.

Daily Grace Company | From Restless to Content
How many of us allow our internal sense of well-being, or contentment, to be determined by our circumstances? We feel dissatisfied with our current lot; maybe even disappointed.

Well-Watered Women | Three Truths About Contentment
If we want to be contented people who are always bearing fruit, our trust will be in the Lord and our delight in his Word. The definition I like to use for biblical contentment is this: Biblical contentment is an inward trust in God’s sovereignty and goodness that produces the fruit of joy and peace and thanksgiving in the life of a believer, regardless of outward circumstances.