Doubt: Deconstruction + Jesus

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You’re invited to doubt…

If you’re struggling with difficult parts in the Bible or with some of the concepts taught in church—you’re not alone. Doubt is part of faith. You need a safe place to wrestle with your questions about faith, and we want to be that for you. Pat answers and quick fixes won’t work: We want to help you get to the root of your doubts and then, by God’s grace, rebuild something stronger.

Bring your questions and doubts. In this teaching series, we’ll deconstruct—and reconstruct—together.

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Revive Our Hearts Blog Post: Wrestling With Doubt (part one)
I was in constant turmoil with anxieties and doubts about the God I thought I would serve and love without ever questioning. The worst part was God seemed silent. I had no idea what was going on, and I couldn’t find anything in the Bible that looked exactly like what I was experiencing. I was afraid this could be the turning point I’d heard about in the stories of those who’d walked away from God.

Revive Our Hearts Blog Post: Wrestling With Doubt (part two)
God is teaching me to fight my fickle feelings with the firm fact of His Word. The problem is not with God and His Word. The problem is my own heart. I had to learn to cry out, “God, don’t let me seek to conform Your Word to me, but conform me to Your Word.

Wild at Heart Blog Post: Doubt is Not Humility
Doubt is in. Listen to how people talk (especially young adults). “I don’t really know…I’m just sort of wrestling with things right now…you know, I’m not really sure….” And if in the rare case someone actually says what they believe, they quickly add, “but that’s just the way I see it.”

Christian Living Blog Post: ‘Progressive’ Christianity: Even Shallower Than the Evangelical Faith I Left
I was an exvangelical who left the faith of my youth for progressive Christianity. Then I returned. Here’s my revangelical story.


Another Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity | Alisa Childers

The Case for Christ | Lee Strobel

After Doubt: How to Question Your Faith Without Losing It | A.J. Swoboda

Disappointment With God | Philip Yancey

Searching for Enough: The High-Wire Walk Between Doubt and Faith | Tyler Staton

Faith Shadows: Finding Christ in the Midst of Doubt | Austin Fischer

Fractured Faith: Finding Your Way Back to God in an Age of Deconstruction | Lina AbuJamra


Daily Grace Company Podcast: Wrestling with Doubt with Laura Wifler
Can believers wrestle with doubt? Does doubt cancel out faith? Or can genuine faith co-exist with doubt? Today, we are joined by Laura Wifler from Risen Motherhood. Laura generously shares her personal experience with doubt. Honestly, we really do believe that doubt may be a more common experience than we may think! That’s because struggling with doubt can feel very isolating.