Recipe for Relationships

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Relationships are powerful – we were created by a communal God for community. Jesus models what the key ingredients are for healthy relationships. A core part of becoming more like Jesus happens in community. 

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Barna .com Blog Post:  What Makes for a Spiritually Vibrant Household? 
How do our core relationships engage us in a thoughtful, transformative faith—the kind that holds up to and is passed down over time? This was one of the guiding questions of Barna’s new Households of Faith report, based on an extensive study of practicing Christians and their living arrangements and routines.Barna .com

The Gospel Coalition Blog Post: The Spirit-Formed Community
The power of Pentecost makes for a fantastic story. Rushing wind, flaming tongues, and the proclamation of a fisherman turned evangelist calling people to repent and be baptized. But don’t miss how Acts 2 ends. The power of the Spirit that flowed through the apostles’ proclamation is the power that gathers people into a new community,