2|42 needs teams to function, and we think that everyone has a spot to fill in the Church. Select your campus to get started or check out the page below for an in-depth look at our teams and what they do.


This team makes the weekend flow. This is everything from our parking team to our safety team. Some roles within these team include (but are not limited to): coffee, medical, prayer, communion prep, and safety.

Are you musical? Have a knack for tech, or do you have design experience? Arts is anything from worship to production to graphics, video and photography.

While adults are in their service, we need high-energy, high-capacity volunteers ministering to our kids. From the nursery to the elementary services to Kids check-in, we have a wide range of volunteer opportunities.

Could you be a small group leader? These are leaders who guide students in weekly lessons and build lasting relationships. Interested in tech or worship? We need you too! How about our first impressions? It’s so important that students feel welcome and safe right as they step into 2|42 Students.

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Serving Locally


Our goal is to be mobilizers and meet local needs in our communities.

serve fest

We love serving the community through Serve Fest! We like to take advantage of the summer to get out and help our local schools or nonprofits.

small-group serves

During the year, our Small Groups will also come alongside our community with various opportunities to serve.


We often partner with Haitian Christian Outreach (HCO). The goal of Haitian Christian Outreach is to reach, equip, empower, and encourage their ministry partners. HCO is making a lasting impact in Haiti through planting churches, educating and ministering to children, providing basic health care, and empowering their community.

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looking for more ways to contribute?

We’re here to help! Check out one of the pages below. Or, stay up-to-date with our serve events by following us on social media!