Have you ever found yourself living somewhere that didn’t quite feel like home? Maybe it was temporary, like a short-term job assignment in another city. Or maybe the location was just so different from anywhere you’d lived before that it took some getting used to. I’ve been there a few times in my life. When I first moved to California after growing up in the Midwest, it was a huge culture shock. One night, not long after arriving, I was outside talking on the phone when a police helicopter spotlight illuminated my backyard. Apparently, they were searching for someone, which was just not something that ever happened back home! I have to admit, in that moment, I desperately wanted to go back to the familiar.

But over time, something shifted. I began to meet people, get involved in a church, and put down real roots in that seemingly alien place. What once felt so foreign gradually became home. The same thing happened when I lived in Kentucky for a time – another place I never expected to end up. By getting to know the community, serving others, and integrating my life with those around me, I formed a real connection to the area.

That’s because wherever we go, we are ambassadors. An ambassador isn’t just a tourist passing through. They take up residency in another place with the purpose of representing their home nation’s interests and values. In the same way, the Bible tells us that as followers of Jesus, our citizenship is in Heaven. But we are ambassadors, residing here on earth to share God’s love and the good news of his Kingdom.

The idea of being an ambassador flips the typical mindset about wherever we happen to live. Usually, we just want to go about our comfortable daily routines without disrupting our preferred lifestyle too much. An ambassador, though, has one overriding priority – to serve the interests of their home nation in whatever place they find themselves. For us, that means making disciples and bringing the ways of God’s Kingdom to the here and now through how we live our lives.

So how can we be good ambassadors for our true home, the Kingdom of Heaven? I think there are two key aspects we see modeled by the early church in Acts:

The Outward Posture The early believers went out into the community around them and actively served others. They sold possessions to help those in need. They gathered together daily to share the good news and make more disciples. In the same way, we are called to an outward posture – looking for opportunities to bless and give in our local context. That could mean serving at a food pantry or homeless shelter. It might be organizing litter clean-ups in area parks or doing service projects at schools. The key is getting out there with a heart to share God’s love through caring for practical needs.

The Inward Posture
At the same time, the early church cultivated a vibrant, attractive community that made others want to be a part of it. They ate together, worshipped joyfully, and loved one another. In our modern context, this inward posture is about creating welcoming church environments where people can experience the reality of God’s Kingdom. From offering a warm greeting to first-time guests, to providing excellent kids ministry, to facilitating powerful times of worship, the inward posture is focused on helping our local churches become embassies of Heaven’s Kingdom. When we do this well, our communities become places of light that draw people out of darkness.

The truth is, wherever we live, our cities and towns desperately need Jesus. People all around us are spiritually, emotionally, and physically broken. They need the hope, healing and transformation that only comes through knowing the love of God. And we, as ambassadors, have the high calling of bringing that good news to our local communities through how we love, serve and share our lives.

So no matter if the place you live feels like the perfect home or just a temporary way-station, lean into being an ambassador right where you are. Seek opportunities to get involved and be a source of blessing through outward service. And play your part in creating a vibrant, welcoming community of believers that points people to the Kingdom we represent. When we embrace this calling, we become lights that cannot be hidden, putting the hope of Heaven on display for all to see.

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About the Author: Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson is the lead pastor of 2|42 Community Church where he is helping people take next steps with God. Prior to his time at 2|42, Tony served for 15 years in various capacities within the Methodist denomination. He has degrees in broadcasting and marketing from Vincennes University and Ball State University, and he’s also a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. Tony is passionate about helping people discover and embrace their God-given purpose and potential. In his spare time, you can find Tony cheering on the Miami Dolphins or camping and fishing with his family.

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