2|42 In Transition

In this time of transition, here are some important details. We also know that you might have questions, and we hope to answer those.

It is not lost on us that this transition is a big one, and that Dave and the whole Dummitt family will be missed. But, it’s not with blind optimism that we say: “the best is yet to come,” it’s our faith and trust in our King. God has done amazing things in and through 2|42 over the last 15 years, and we can’t wait to see what He has in store for this next season.

Steve Larson is filling the role as the Interim Lead Pastor at 2|42. He has a deep history in ministry, but more than that, a deep passion for ministry. He’s served as an elder here for several years. And, in addition to many years of ministry experience, he also has spent many years in the business world.

Steve is not a rookie when it comes to planting and multiplying churches. One of his first church leadership experiences brought him and his family to North Carolina, where he led out on three church plants. Today, more than 7,000 people attend these churches.

From North Carolina, Steve and his family moved to a large church in Indianapolis, Indiana. During his 10 years here, he helped plant 40 more churches all over the country! Guess who was a part of this list of church plants? If you said 2|42, you’d be right!

For the past few years Steve has served as the Vice President with The Solomon Foundation. The Solomon Foundation has partnered with 2|42 for several years.

Steve and Shelly have been married for 35 years and are parents to two 20-somethings and new grandparents. The Larsons currently live in East Lansing and have been actively involved with our Lansing campus for a number of years. 


How is a new Lead Pastor selected?

The 2|42 Community Church bylaws outline a succession planning process. This process includes a search committee made up of the Leadership Advisory Team (LAT), The Executive Team, and at the discretion of those teams, 2-4 staff members.

The search committee has agreed upon a plan that is “internally led and professionally supported.” This means 2|42 will take advantage of the skills of its staff to manage the process and they will build in segments of the search process that professionals will design and act as consultants in. The search process is robust and the committee is confident that it will produce the next Lead Pastor at 2|42

What does the LAT do?

The Leadership Advisory Team provides accountability, protection, encouragement, and support of the Lead Pastor. Serving as a “sounding board,” and providing advice for the Lead Pastor. The Leadership Advisory Team speaks with one voice, maintains confidentiality, and meets regularly. 

Will the vision of the church change?

2|42 was never built on a single personality and the vision comes from a collective input from a highly skilled staff, Leadership Advisory Team, and hundreds of leaders and volunteers inside the church. The vision for 2|42 is not anticipated to change significantly anytime soon.

Is the church healthy financially in the Covid-19 season?

The church continues to flourish in these uncertain times. Although offerings have gone down a bit, so have operating costs. Additionally, the church was recently provided a loan as part of the recently approved stimulus bill that equates to 10 weeks of employee costs. We continue to monitor our financial state so that the church can return to normal functions after this season and so that we can be on the solution side for what our country is going through right now. We are preparing for anticipated economic difficulties ahead.

How long do we think it will take to find a new Lead Pastor?

Searching for a lead Pastor takes time and a lot of prayer. Please join us during this season as we seek who God has anointed to lead our church.

Will Brad be cutting his dreads?



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