Who Needs God | Week 3

April 29, 2019 by aallan

Who Needs God – The God of the NO Testament

Speaker: Grant Agler

Stuck in the middle
Christian de-conversion
Received faith-based answers to your fact-based questions
Our growing-up gods
Our growing-up gods
Bodyguard god
A good god would not allow
bad things to happen
to good people.
Since bad things never happen
to good people,
there must be a good God.
Our growing-up gods

On-demand god
Our growing-up gods
Boyfriend god
Our growing-up gods
Guilt god
Our growing-up gods
Anti-science god
Quit thinking!
Start believing!
God or Science is a
false alternative
Science and God class slide
Our growing-up gods
Anti-science god
God convienently shows up
as an explanation
for everything
we can’t currently explain.
Unexplainable today
explainable tomorrow
Unexplainable is not evidence
for the existence of God
If everything were
explained and explainable,
it would not explain away God.
A predictable, stable
and explainable universe
Where do babies come from?

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