Your Next Steps

We want to help you follow Jesus one step at a time. No matter how long you’ve been following Jesus, there will always be a next step to take on your journey.

what is your next step?

Next steps are different for everyone, but what we have discovered along the way is that next steps generally fall into one of three categories: know God, grow with others, and change the world.

Know God

Discover how to become a Christian.
Find a 2|42 campus near you and join us.
Say “yes” to Jesus through baptism.

Grow with Others

Groups keep you connected.
Coaching helps you grow.
Resources for Discipleship.

Change the World

Make a difference on the weekends.
Give through 2|42 to help others.
Go + Be the church where you live, work, and play.

A link to the Big Give 2022 will be added soon.