Find a Place to Belong:
Your Next Step Awaits

In Search of
Genuine Connection?

In today’s world, loneliness and isolation are more prevalent than ever. Seeking a genuine community can be challenging.

You Belong Here

At 2|42 Community Church, we understand your longing for real relationships. With our rich history and diverse community offerings, we’re here to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Series Spotlight

Enjoy our featured series and discover your spiritual roots

Your Journey in Three Steps

Your Journey in Three Steps

Step 1

Visit: Experience our community during our Sunday services or through our unique offerings.

Step 2

Connect: Engage with our next step groups, small groups, or our Step One initiative.

Step 3

Grow: Deepen your faith and serve both within the church and the broader community.

Ready to Take Your Next Step with God?

Join us this Sunday and embark on a transformative spiritual journey.

Hear from Our 2|42 Family

Hear from Our 2|42 Family

“Since joining 2|42, I’ve found a place I belong. It’s become my spiritual home.”
– Nate and Corinne

“2|42 gave me purpose and helped me grow in ways I never imagined.”
– Robert

Further Impact: Our Community Centers

Discover our dual-purpose campus buildings that function as community centers, open to the public with varying hours by location. We’re a church that’s for our community.