2|42 Students is a place where teens can explore a relationship with Jesus and ask questions.


We get, you might have some questions. Maybe we can help answer some of those.

What does a service look like at 2|42?

Our services are right around 60 minutes. We sing three to four songs, listen to the teaching, and set aside time to take communion together.

I have kids, do you have anything for them?

Sure do. We have environments for kids birth to twelfth grade. Click here for more information about pre-elementary and elementary kids.

I would love to be involved, how do I do that?

We believe that teams run this place, so we definitely have a spot for you! Check out what teams we have and join one of them here.

Do you guys livestream your services?

If you’re interested in watching our services, we post them to YouTube every Monday or you can find them here.


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all about 2|42 students

Our student environment is designed with attention to every detail. Whether you have a fifth grader or a senior, your student will experience impactful teaching, engaging worship, high-energy activities, and strategic small groups.

We believe that parents/guardians have the MOST impact on their kid’s spiritual development. It’s estimated that our leaders will only get around 40 hours with a kid each year. Compare that to the 3,000 hours per year that a parent will have! That’s why we do whatever it takes to equip and empower parents as spiritual leaders through weekly and monthly resources, classes, and events.

Small groups are how we make a large experience small. It’s a way to personalize, connect, and grow together. Students are in groups of 8-12 and are partnered with one to two small group leaders.

We do extensive background checks on our volunteers and have a thorough registration system to ensure that your students are safe and cared for. Volunteers experience procedure/policy training and receive consistent feedback from highly qualified staff.

Want to be on our team? We’re always looking for awesome people to be on mission with us.

want to learn more?

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